DATATRONICS offers and deploys complete solutions for carrier-grade Media Gateways. All Media Gateways support both media and signaling in a single chassis with a flexible and powerful routing engine.

The gateways support simultaneously ISDN, CAS, SS7, SIGTRAN, SIP and H.323. They provide any-to-any voice network  connectivity and can deliver SIP services into legacy ISDN, CAS and SS7 networks, as well as IP-to-IP transcoding and TDM-TDM switching.

The portfolio includes the most cost effective one box VoIP gateway solution currently available on the market which is scalable from 1 E1 up to 64 E1s, 1 DS3 or 1 STM1 in one single system. Using multi-unit VoIP gateway solution we can offer solutions up to 1024 E1s, 48 DS3 or 16 STM1  working as an unique system.

Radius interface and APIs are available in the Media Gateways allowing creation of new services, integration in existing environments and customization of the routing rules and behavior of the system.

Common Features

• SIP, SS7, ISDN, CAS, SIGTRAN, H.248, etc.
• Media Codecs: G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729ab, AMR, AMR-WB (G.722.2), GSM-FR/GSM-EFR, EVRC/QCELP, G.728, G.729eg, iLBC, T.38
• Text based CDRs and radius (accounting)
• Web Management
• Call routing any to any and with transcoding
• Lawful intercept
• Extensible via Ruby scripting
• Always-on web based call tracing
• External routing engine support via Radius, SIP Redirect


• Energy efficiency, low OPEX up to 80% cost savings
• Highest System density to reduce space costs
• Wide Media handling to connect with diverse VoIP endpoints and IP fax
• Proven deployment at fixed, mobile and NGN networks
• Carrier Grade for high availability and scalability
• Provisioning and Maintenance: Intuitive and common OAM&P based on Web GUI Interface

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