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DATATRONICS offers solutions providing real-time visibility and control on the data traffic based on L7 DPI technologies.

It also allows services like video optimization, transparent caching, URL filtering, traffic redirection and network security DDoS. 

Network Intelligence enables a better user experience, lower investments, guaranteed applications performance and the emergence of new business models to monetize the network usage.


L7 DPIs allow a detailed knowledge of the network usage as well as a classification of the traffic from the point of view of applications and users. This solution also provides a real-time control of packet traffic that helps to monetize the bandwidth and the network usage. These are some of the main functionalities:

  • Visibility and thorough knowledge of all application, users, connections and services that flow through the next generation networks
  • Traffic management, fair usage and congestion management
  • Prioritize applications and users
  • Traffic engineering and real-time policies implementation
  • Classify network traffic (by user, application, protocol, location, bitrate, etc.)
  • Implement new business and pricing models
  • Reporting and IP traffic statistics
Our DPI products portfolio extends over a wide range of equipment that can handle from 400 Mbps bandwidth to core network equipment capable of handling up to 160 Gbps in a single chassis.

Value Added Services

Since the demand of OTT (Over The Top) video content and streaming applications are increasing, operators consider essential an improvement of the user experience and the quality of service. DATATRONICS's Network Intelligence solutions include video optimization and transparent catching of content that help reduce the bandwidth usage, accelerate the delivery of contents, and improve the quality of services. In addition, costs of interconnection and transport are reduced.

  • Video optimization
  • Intelligent traffic steering and load balancing
  • Management of services
  • Network security service
  • Illegal content filtering
The result of all that is a better user experience, lower investment in additional bandwidth, performance of applications guarantee, and the emergence of new business models to monetize the network usage.

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