Policy Solutions 2 PCRF

DATATRONICS has over 10 years of experience in policy solutions. DATATRONICS partnerships with Oracle Communications to provide a Policy platform leader in the market. The experience and know-how of DATATRONICS engineers' allows DATATRONICS become a referenced system integrator in this area.

DATATRONICS is Oracle Gold Partner with the specialization in Oracle Communications PCRF platform and not only provides the systems but also provides all the professional services needed for the PCRF deployment, operation and support.

LTE policy use cases will be more numerous and complex than those employed in 3G networks and will require more rules and triggers than are currently used. So, many of the first-generation policy solutions deployed in 3G networks do not have the scalability, flexibility, and versatility to support the new business models and use cases that will be ushered in with LTE.

The Oracle Communications PCRF is designed to shape detailed policies that determine how and under what conditions subscribers and applications use network resources. It is designed so that operators can easily add and re-configure the triggers, conditions and actions governed by policies.
The Oracle Communications PCRF provides the following features:
• Supports 3GPP interfaces and requirements for LTE deployment worldwide
• Supports more standard and proprietary interfaces to network gateways than other vendors
• Interfaces to leading GGSN, CMTS, BNG and DPI vendors
• Supports fixed and mobile architectures in the same product (only policy solution to do so)
• HA and Geo-redundant configurations

The Oracle Communications PCRF delivers the following key benefits:
• Align revenue and network costs with network usage patterns
• Create application-specific services tailored to customer segments
• Deliver engaging broadband communications services
• Generate new revenue with special service packages
• Hands-off calls and data transmission seamlessly between fixed and mobile networks
• Support for all access network types and devices with a single platform

Evolving to NFV, the PCRF virtualization is already available on OVM, VMWare and KVM. It supports the same deployment models as the hardware based system and even hybrid deployments.

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