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DATATRONICS is an expert in signaling protocols for Wireless, VoIP and Wireline networks. Signaling solutions for legacy networks TDM, 2G, 3G and for evolved networks in IMS and LTE.

DATATRONICS has over 18 years of experience in signaling environments. The offer of signaling platforms leaders in the market together with the experience and know-how of DATATRONICS engineers' have allowed DATATRONICS become a referenced company in SS7, SIGTRAN.

DATATRONICS' Professional Services on signaling cover the overall range of the customer's needs: technological consulting, training, support to developments, commissioning, configuration, tests, support and maintenance, etc.

DATATRONICS' stacks and signaling platforms are based on a distributed environment and allow simultaneously SS7 and SIGTRAN in the same node and transparently for the applications and the services executing on the node.

DATATRONICS partnership with Oracle Communications to provide one platform for signal transfer point (STP), signaling gateway (SGW), ANSI/ITU international gateway, intelligent and advanced routing schemes, screening services, number portability (NP), and integrated performance/service management.  Oracle Communications EAGLE (former Tekelec EAGLE) supports all of these features built-in reliability with 99.99999+% field-proven results.

More information about the signaling solutions, click here
More information about Oracle Communications EAGLE, click here

This same EAGLE platform also enables next generation applications such as 3G-VoLTE migration, an “intelligent evolution” toward LTE requires a convergence of key Signaling System 7 assets into a single platform; then, from one location, operators can manage critical functions like number portability (NP), equipment identity registry (EIR), routing, and security. 

Learning more about Make Signal Transfer Point and Signaling Gateway assets viable in LTE, M2M and Wi-Fi domains for enhanced connectivity, capacity and revenue, click here

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