DATATRONICS actively promotes the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), a new network architecture that leverages standard virtualization of network functions that is transforming the communications industry by enabling CSPs to move beyond the limitations of proprietary hardware and adding agility, elasticity and scalability to the network while retaining simplicity. 

By embracing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and implementing with its technological partners a new generation of network elements entirely in software, DATATRONICS is helping established and emerging operators to innovate, compete and deploy new applications and services more quickly, while dramatically reducing their capital and operational costs.

DATATRONICS is committed to provide fully virtualized and NFV-ready solutions for:
  • Virtual SBC
  • Virtual IMS
  • Virtual EPC
  • Virtual PCRF
  • Virtual DSR/DSC
  • Virtual DPI/PCEF
DATATRONICS is actively testing those VNFs in reference labs and doing PoCs in some of its customers. 

For more information about any of the products above, please click here.

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