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Core Networks

Datatronics offers all components required to deploy core networks for voice, data and IMS adding value with our wide experience in telco networks integration.

Video Streaming Management

Video streaming grows exponentially, Datatronics offers an innovative solution to manage and reduce this traffic maintaining the QoS delivery to end user.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Modular and scalable solutions for MVNO that want to deploy its own network elements adding our wide and proven experience in telco networks.

Interconnection Solutions

Datatronics offers flexible and modular signaling, session and media interconnection solutions using the bests MGW, SBC, STP and DRA/DEA platforms and enabling security and reliability in any interconnection.

Signaling Firewall

To protect signaling vulnerabilities Datatronics offers SS7 and Diameter Signaling Firewalls that support all the use cases documented by the GSMA FS.11 and FS.19, including location tracking and call/text interception.

Policy & Charging Rules

Datatronics builds flexible use cases with policy and charging solutions that allow Operators to offer personalized service plans and QoS to its customers.


More than 15 years of experience in Telco environments and a highly trained and knowledgeable staff enable DATATRONICS to provide high value professional services to its customers.