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21 Jun 2018

The Sandvine SandBoxLIVE 2018 conference is coming to London 20 & 21 June. This year’s conference theme is focused on achieving Active Network Intelligence and innovating with Sandvine solutions to strengthen your business, stimulate new revenue streams and save on the cost of doing business.


Óscar González, Director Comercial y Desarrollo de Negocio, y Julien Lacoste, Gerente de Cuentas.-


On Wednesday 20 June, customers and partners are invited to participate in informative sessions on how to unlock revenue potential and tap into exciting and enabling technologies, like virtualization, encryption and machine learning. You’ll also gain access to a community of global and regional experts — including Sandvine CTO Alexander Haväng — and network with customers and partners from cable, satellite, fixed and mobile environments.

On Thursday 21 June, Sandvine partners are exclusively invited to join a half day session to learn and engage with the partner team, its resources and the latest trending Sandvine use cases that are shaping your customers’ networks.

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AOTEC 2019

AOTEC 2019

Datatronics estará en la Feria Tecnológica AOTEC 2019 en Málaga los días 30 y 31 de mayo. Stand 152A

Datatronics recibe el premio Gold Partner de Microchip (Symmetricom)

Datatronics recibe el premio Gold Partner de Microchip (Symmetricom)

DATATRONICS ha recibido el premio como Gold Partner de Microchip (antes Symmetricom), durante la conferencia anual de partners de Tiempo & Frecuencia celebrada la primera semana de abril, por la exitosa contribución al negocio de Microchip durante el 2018. Durante...



Fecha: 25/28 febrero/ 19 Lugar: Barcelona Stand: 5F75 Más información: Imágenes del stand de Datatronics en el Mobile World Congress 2019: Calle Gabriela Mistral, 2Madrid (España) 28035 L-J: 8:30 - 18:00 hrs.V: 8:00 - 15:00 hrs.S-D: Cerrado...