5G Signaling: Routing & Selection

5G signaling capabilities from Oracle Communications

HTTP/2 is the new protocol in the 5G network. Datatronics together with its partner Oracle Communications is offering all  the Network Functions to handle 5G signaling including services such as discovery and registration, slice selection, interworking with 3G/4G networks and binding support.

All 5G NFs have been built with Cloud Native (CN) principles and can run on any Cloud environment both private and public. The 5G NFs can be also deployed on bare metal where Datatronics can provide a vertical solution including hardware and the Cloud Native Environment.


  • NEF: Exposure of capabilities and events, secure provision of information from external application to 3GPP network, translation of internal/external information.
  • NSSF: Selecting the set of Network Slice instances serving the UE, Determining the Allowed & Configured NSSAI, determining the AMF Set to be used to serve the EU.
  • NRF: Service Registration and discovery function (NFs can discover each other), maintains the NF profile of available NF instances and their supported services.
  • BSF:  A diameter proxy that provides PDU session binding functionality, which ensures that an AF request for a certain PDU Session reaches the relevant PCF holding the PDU Session information.
  • SCP: Complex routing, Load balance, Protection network overload interoperability 3G/4G. Topology hiding.
  • SEPP: Non-Transparent Proxy on the edge of the PLMN network enabling inter NF communication across PLMN networks.

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