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Everything required to become 5G

Datatronics offers a complete portfolio for the network transformation to 5G NGC, ensuring interworking with legacy networks and partnering with the best of breed 5G NF vendors ready to be deployed on Private or Public Clouds.

Datatronics has a large experience providing core and signaling network solutions to Service Providers. Nowadays, mobile networks are evolving from 4G to 5G. Evolution to a 5G network will be different from previous mobile network generations since 5G brings innovative and disruptive network changes, many of which had never been applied to mobile networks.

The 5G network, compared to previous network generations, is a Service-Based Architecture (SBA). where services can register themselves and subscribe to other services. The SBA architecture, the HTTP/2 usage, and the separation of the Control Plane (CP) functions and User Plane (UP), concept introduce in 4G but with much more relevance in the 5G architecture, will be the keys features of the 5G network

All 5G NFs provided by Datatronics are built and run with Cloud Native principles. Datatronics not only provides 5G NFs to its customers but also provides the infrastructure and a secure Cloud Native Environment which integrates leading industry software and tools like Kubernetes, Helm, Docker for orchestration and runtime, or Grafana, Prometheus, Kibana for observability. CNE runs on a bare metal or VMs based architecture to allow leverage infrastructure investments

5G Network Transformation

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