Diameter - DRA/DEA

Secure Signaling architecture creation

DATATRONICS Datatronics offers Diameter Signaling Routers (DSR) which help to create a secure signaling architecture enabling interoperability, elastic growth and congestion control. The DSR can be deployed as DRA for routing, traffic management and load balancing and DEA for connection to IPX and other operators.

With LTE penetration global Diameter traffic increases dramatically. So, the need to manage Diameter signaling has become important more than ever and the CSP need to create a secure signaling architecture that reduces the cost and complexity of the core network and enables elastic growth, interoperability and rapid introduction of new services. The DSR also enhances network visibility by providing a centralized monitoring point in the signaling network.

In the interconnection with other networks, the DEA in the border is needed to protect the network and allow mediation between different diameter flavours.

DATATRONICS offers a DSR (DRA/DEA) solution that centralizes routing, traffic management and load balancing. DSR also provides topology hiding, HSS/PCRF/OCS Address Resolution, Policy and Charging Binding and multivendor interoperability.

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