Interconnection solutions between operators

DATATRONICS has a large experience and know how to solve any requirement about national or international interconnection either TDM-TDM, TDM-IP or IP-IP and for both voice, data and signaling.

Interconnection systems typically located at the edge of the network perform several functionalities like security, interoperability, protocol conversion and adaptation, traffic routing, media transcoding and regulatory compliance amongst other functions.

Interconnection projects are not only to deploy and configure equipment but also have and important part of professional services for testing and validation with the other partner of the interconnection. Therefore, engineers running the project must have a deep acknowledge about protocols and networks to achieve success minimizing time and problems.

DATATRONICS‘s interconnection solutions are built using systems from its market-leading technological partners that have a large number of references and deployments.

Solutions portfolio for interconnection projects includes: Media Gateway (MGW), Session Border Controller (SBC), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), Signaling Transfer Point (STP) y Gateway Mobile Switching Center (G-MSC).

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