During the annual convention of Microchip partners in Barcelona, we were able to update ourselves on the new Time and Frequency products, services and solutions that the new 5G networks demand. As well as the threats to which they are exposed and that make synchronism in said networks is increasingly critical. A backup is needed to be able to continue providing the same quality of synchronism even when GNSS references are not available. Such as the vPRTC that equipped with cesium clocks and TP4100 such as HP-BC allow to continue offering enough synchronization in Time and Phase for weeks in the absence of a GNSS signal. Also for the development of the O-RAN 5G in which the synchronization allows to extend the coverage and increase the bandwidth.

Also for electric power grid plants and the development of photovoltaic plants, the correct synchronization in time and frequency is necessary, for which a range of products is available aimed at complying with the strict recommendations of electrical substations and that support NTP, PTP and IRIG-B

Regarding of SyncServer products, security continues to be improved, developing, and implementing different levels of security both in the network layer (Radius, Tacacs+, LDAP, X.509PKI) and in the timing layer (NTP reflector, BlueSky Technology, and anti-jam).

Datatronics, has been a partner for Spain of Microchip (the world’s first manufacturer to provide time and frequency synchronization to telecommunications networks) for more than 20 years. We have a technical department dedicated exclusively to all activities related to this technology.