Power Electronics has selected Datatronics and Tekron International, a subsidiary of Microchip Technology, as the technological providers in the field of time synchronization to develop new energy storage solutions for solar farm projects in California.

This technology is is an ambitious project to invest in various energy storage projects in California. The California Public Services Regulatory Commission instituted the IEEE 1547:2018 standard to ensure the energy consumed comes from renewable sources.

Datatronics is a recognized provider of time and frequency technology solutions for demanding applications in industries such as energy and telecommunications.

Collaborations among industry leaders in the field are productive to create solutions for the world’s biggest challenges. Such as climate change and the energy crisis.

The time synchronization products from Tekron will include the TTM 01-G, a reliable and accurate GPS and GLONASS (GNSS) clock with sub-microsecond timing that is used to synchronize IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) in the power industry and other industries where precise and reliable timing is required. As with all Tekron GPS clocks, the TTM 01-G has electrically isolated outputs, providing excellent noise immunity. The TTM
01-G supports both NTP/SNTP and PTP (IEEE 1588v2).

Power Electronics is the world’s fourth strongest solar inverter company and number one in the USA. Tekron’s TTM 01-G product is used to synchronize its second-generation solar inverters, increasing the reliability of the system operation.

Datatronics, is a Telco integrator with more than 25 years of experience in the synchronization area. This project has consolidated us a main reference integrator for this type of technology.

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