Telefónica Tech, leader in digital transformation in Cybersecurity, BigData, Cloud, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, has chosen Oracle’s vSTP and its partner Datatronics for the deployment of its KITE platform in Europe.

KITE is the platform developed in-house especially by Telefónica. It is responsible for managing the connectivity of the IoT network and providing improvements to the entire cycle of the IoT ecosystem.

Some of the features that Oracle’s virtual STP will provide to Telefónica Tech in the deployment of its critical services on 3G and 4G networks:

  • Integration of DRA and STP functionality in a single platform.
  • KVM-based virtualization.
  • Great flexibility
  • High performance as well as being a successfully proven solution for TTech’s American affiliates.

Francesc Puigdelloses, Head of IoT and Big Data Platforms at Telefónica Tech, “Our previous experiences with the Datatronics integrator and the vSTP of Oracle Communications, give us a plus to guarantee a successful production start-up, complying with the times that our clients demand”

From Datatronics we are pleased to be part of this project. We collaborate with Oracle Communications and Telefónica Tech in:

  • El diseño de la solución.
  • Leading the installation.
  • Configuration and deployment of vSTP in pre-production and production environments.

Datatronics, Telco integrator with more than 25 years of experience in the area of signaling. It has deployed numerous nodes of the unified 3G/4G vSTP/DSR platform from our technology partner Oracle Communications in recent years. This has made us the reference integrator for this type of technology.