Datatronics has collaborated with Genasys in the integration of its solutions for the processing of network events within mobile operators through the SIGTRAN protocol. This collaboration arises as an extension within the Genasys NEWS product as a Notification Platform for Mass Warnings to the Population in case of emergency.

In addition, the development has included a long quality control process, the final result being highly satisfactory.

Álvaro Rojo, CTO of Genasys, “The dedication and professionalism of the Datatronics team has been excellent. It has also demonstrated the agility and involvement necessary in this type of network event projects”.

DATATRONICS has a long experience in the world of signaling. The offer of leading signaling platforms in the market, together with the experience and knowledge of our engineers, has allowed DATATRONICS to be a reference company in SS7 and SIGTRAN signaling.

DATATRONICS Professional Services cover all customer needs: technology consulting, training, development support, installation, configuration, testing, support and maintenance, etc.

Genasys es la primera solución integrada de gestión de emergencias y comunicaciones críticas del mundo. Abordan la seguridad empresarial para el Internet de las cosas (IoT), descubre automáticamente a los destinatarios y envía alertas específicas a sus ubicaciones.