Oracle is banking on a vital component in the 5G network infrastructure that has been well received by the world’s leading carriers.Its goal is to provide the vital networking functions in the construction of the 5G core architecture, specifically the control plane functions.These components are essential to offer the best quality of experience standard in the 5G network and the possibility of launching innovative new services.In the words of the vice president of technology for the Oracle Group, Andrew De La Torre, Oracle’s strategy is based on three pillars: signaling, policies and pricing.Beyond network infrastructure, a wide range of solutions is provided through communications and business applications.This helps operators ensure the agility and visibility needed to deliver powerful and innovative 5G services.According to the latest Dell’Oro Group research:The 5G core market is off to a strong start during the first quarter of 2021, generating a 16% year-over-year increase in revenue. The 5G core market also exceeded 20% of the entire mobile core network market during the quarter, indicating that more 5G network operators are increasingly moving from a non-standalone 5G infrastructure to a standalone 5G architecture.Therefore, at Datatronics we are attentive to the news from our partner Oracle Communications to offer all network functions and thereby manage 5G signaling, allowing our customers to consume software on demand and facilitating the transformation to 5G networks.For more information, consult the original news here.