We share the interview conducted by Mobile World Live with Francesc Puigdelloses, Head of IoT Platforms and Big Data at Telefónica Tech on vSTP.


As leaders in digital transformation in various aspects such as Cybersecurity, BigData, Cloud, IoT and Blockchain, Francesc explains what KITE is. A platform developed in-house especially by Telefónica to manage the connectivity of the IoT network and provide improvements to the entire cycle of the IoT ecosystem. He also comments in the interview why they chose vSTP from our partner Oracle Communications as a fundamental part of KITE; Network virtualization, simple configuration, based on KVM. Characteristics that bring great benefits to Telefónica Tech along with its great flexibility for the critical 4G IoT Narrow Band service, great performance of up to 640,000 mps per node or unified support for 3G and 4G in a single platform.

From Datatronics we are pleased to be part of this project, collaborating with Oracle Communications and Telefónica Tech in the design of the solution, leading the installation, configuration and deployment of vSTP in pre-production and production environments.

Datatronics, a Telco integrator with more than 25 years of experience in the signaling area, has deployed numerous nodes of the 3G/4G vSTP/DSR unified platform from our technology partner Oracle Communications in recent years. This has made us the reference integrator for this type of technology.”